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Unpleasant reminder

Been home sick with a bad cold for the last few days.  As anyone with MS can attest, common illnesses like a cold are that much worse because they worsen existing MS symptoms, and this is no exception.  I'm having increased numbness, weakness, and incoordination in my arms and hands.  Typing, especially with my left hand, is difficult.  Forearm, wrist, and finger strength is significantly degraded.  Leg strength is also degraded, but I think that's just illness.  Some of this today may be worse because I didn't get much sleep last night.  Hopefully it'll all clear up in the next few days.  My next Tysabri infusion in on Monday.  It'll be interesting to see how they respond to these symptoms, as this would represent the first significant increase in symptoms since starting Tysabri, over three years ago.

I suppose while I'm here, I should also update other topics.

Eczema is much improved, once I started using memetasone.  Used it consistently for the first week or so, then as itching increases since, which amounts to maybe once or twice a week, and even that with decreasing frequency.  So, much happiness there!

On the house front, since I've moved in with Kym, I rented out my house.  My first tenants moved in in October, having moved into the area from upstate New York, and have already turned in their notice.  I've been using a management company for the whole thing, which makes it all really, really easy.  They've already found a firm prospect to move in when the first tenants move out.  I had a lot of anxiety about renting the house out, but now I'm very happy with it.

Kym and I have been preparing for our wedding in September.  This last weekend, we attended a "wedding salon" (show) in Atlantic Beach, NC.  Got some good ideas, met several prospective vendors, and interviewed two potential officiants.  I gotta say, if most of the smaller wedding show are like this one, they're great romantic get-aways even if you're not in the market for a wedding.  For the price of tickets (less than $40 each), we got a discount room rate at the (beach-side) hotel, free full, hot breakfast both days, a cocktail reception the first evening (with alcohol), a full wedding reception (alcohol, full dinner, cake, DJ and dancing) the second evening, and had an opportunity to tour local wedding venues (which also included alcohol and food).  We're considering going to additional smaller shows with the hope they offer the same amenities!
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