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This Memorial Day weekend has been a milestone--a HUGE milestone--with my MS.

My Heart, Kym, has been harassing me about my house, which is vacant since I effectively moved in with her six months ago, and actually moved in with her last weekend with the help of Richard, SteveDave, Ted, Gene, and Mitch.  Kym (rightly) wants the house on the market and sold so we can move on.  It'd be a huge plus for our finances to get rid of that anchor.

So Saturday we spend a good four or five hours straight cleaning up and packing the few remaining small things.  The latter half of the day, we went out looking at furniture.  My master bedroom set went into Katie's room, and Kym felt since I provide a bedroom set, she should provide one, too, so she wants to buy a new set.  So we hit Rooms to Go, The Room Store, Haverty's, and Klaussner, and found something at Klaussner.

Sunday, we returned to my house and continued the cleaning (she's a stickler for detail).  We both worked continuously for another three of four hours.  Though not done, we wrapped up and headed home, where she decided she wanted to work on the yard there.  I was wasted and really wanted to take a nap, but just ended up relaxing for 30 or 45 minutes 'fore heading out to help her.  We were given a mound of mulch by our neighbors (who had purchased too much), and she wanted to use it on the bank by the lake.  I shoveled and she spread.

Today, again we returned to my house and (mostly) finished (it's amazing how many details materialize while you're working through the process), so that was another 90 or 120 minutes of activity.  After that, we went  back to her place, dropped off the stuff we collected, and went to Klaussner to make our purchase.  Then, with all of our chores out of the way, I got some downtime at the office, programming.

The amazing thing about this weekend is that it was full of diverse physical activity in long. continuous stretches of time.  Although I fatigued, at no time did my MS rear its head!  The fatigue I felt was solely--SOLELY--muscle fatigue.  Yes, I'm out of shape because of my MS, but the fatigue I felt wasn't MS weakness, it was just a lack of muscle tone.  Even with the fatigue, I mostly kept up with Kym, kept active nearly the entire time, did substantial work...  It was AWESOME.

And I really didn't even think about my MS until Sunday evening, sitting in a chair out on the patio, while resting and reflecting on the two days.  MS wasn't an issue!  MS WASN'T AN ISSUE!

I really feel like I'm living my life despite MS.  MS doesn't dominate my life anymore, and I'm so glad I get to enjoy all that my life has to offer as a result.  I'm so glad I get to share it with someone like Kym, who is so accepting of all this, and who pushes me just enough to draw me out and push my limits, without overdoing it.

Life is good right now.  Thank you..
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